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The World of Emunah July 2015 - Av 5775 
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From the diary of Rabbanit Sarah Herzog, 5740 (1980)

The National-Religious Women’s Organization was founded in order to deal with the challenges of our society and community. Its activities concentrate on the areas of education and social welfare, volunteerism and chesed, in strengthening the Jewish family and advancing the status of women in Israel.

The foundations of the movement stem back to the establishment of the Women’s Workers’ Organization of the Ha-Poel ha-Mizrachi in 1935. The original goal was to supply employment opportunities and professional training for religious chalutzot.

The organization continued to develop and began establishing kindergartens and day care centers, schools, children’s homes, and branches, as well as an agricultural plot.

In September 1960, the organization merged with “Oman”- the Mizrachi Women’s Organization, which had been established at the end of the 1920s. The combined movement was called the National-Religious Women’s Organization. In 1977, the name “Emunah” was added so as to express in one word the character of the movement.

Over the years the organization has paved its unique way in the public sphere, steadily

becoming involved with the missions of the young Jewish state and burgeoning Israeli society.

Emunah is proud today to represent the new face of the religious-Zionist woman in Israel and to reflect the contemporary Eishet Chayil--she who combines family life, education and learning, career and business, social standing and an ongoing willingness to meet the challenges of society and our times.

parochet project
anne & norman oster were honoed by emunah with the new parochet project the ceremony took place in the nachum zeev & fanny williams DCC in Rosh haayin. This is a new project in all 130 Emunah day care centers as a way to honour or memorialize a loved one. The cost is $1,000

In 5768 (2008) Emunah was awarded the Israel Prize for its special contribution to the country and to Israeli society.

All About Emunah

Emunah - National Religious Women's Organization was founded in 1935. It is present all over Israel – in the center of the country as well as in outlying areas and serves the Israeli population with programs from infancy to old age in a variety of areas: social welfare, education and volunteerism, family and culture, National Service, advancement of women and more.

For all its work, Emunah has been recognized with the highest accolade of the Israel Prize for its significant contribution to Israel society.

Today Emunah in Israel operates a network of 140 daycare centers and multi-purpose daycare centers serving 9,000 children; 5 high schools for girls and the Emunah College for teacher training in the arts, graphics, and theater; 5 children's homes for children at risk, as well as a Crisis Center and Children's Shelter; 37 branches, including 19 midrashot for women, Midreshet Emunah for the Study of the Jewish Woman and Family, Lehava Centers for the Study of the Jewish Home, and 13 Family Counseling Centers; a Professional and Business Women's Club, English-speaking groups and volunteer activities throughout Israel; as well as a National Service program.

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English speaking Chapters of Emunah are located in:
Petach Tikvah
Tel Aviv
For further information for a group near you or about Emunah in Israel, please contact:


Nurit Glyn – Beit Emunah

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Tel Aviv


Telephone: 03-6179222; Email:

Evelynne Goldman – National Co-ordinator of English Speaking Chapters in Israel

Marcia Bartov – Jerusalem
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